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Search Engine Marketing SEO and Search Engine Marketing SEM arenít difficult, but understanding the ever changing landscape of the search engines one must use a host of strategies and several different tactics to rank a site well on the Internet.

The core strategies include:

          Search Engine Marketing:  Organic Search Engine Optimization

          Search Engine Marketing:  Link Building

          Search Engine Marketing:  Paid Inclusion

          Search Engine Marketing:  Keyword Sponsorship

As part of the siteís new development plan, we create keyword-specific, content-optimized web pages.  Each of the newly optimized pages will promote your products, services and calls-to-action that clearly promote a conversion event or sale.

Once the new site pages are deployed, we will begin monitoring organic page rankings for each targeted keyword across major search engines.  Ongoing rankings improvement will be achieved by further content analysis and optimization, expanding links and developing more anchor text links within our site and others.  Ranking and positioning reports will be provided each month, as part of the extended monthly services, so you can see exactly what results are being achieved.

Our goals for your Search Engine Marketing campaign are to increase brand awareness, build traffic to your site, design and deploy web-based conversion events across multiple pages, acquire new customers, and generate more revenues.  It is our firm belief that establishing a strong foothold in this space at this time will help ensure long-term success.


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