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Key Components Of Our Proven Process

Website Internet Marketing utilizes a variety of strategies and tactics to drive qualified traffic to our client-sites.  Search engine visibility, on-line advertising, link-building and HTML e-mail campaigns can all provide successful results when deployed properly. The information that follows will begin to give you some insights into component pieces of our various traffic and results building processes.


Website Internet Marketing will take a current “snapshot” of your search engine position status prior to beginning work on your project.  No campaign can be effectively planned or measured without first establishing a starting point.  Our benchmark includes reporting keywords and their corresponding position with major search engines as well as indexed URL’s of the site.  With this information, we can effectively gage the successes achieved.

Research & Analysis of the Competition

Your Website Internet Marketing team will investigate the companies competing for your primary terms and determine how best to position your site among them.  By having a clear picture of your business and its competitors we are able to put into action a custom designed strategy that is right for your site.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We adamantly believe that the foundation of your entire success begins with selecting the right keywords for the right product/service, the right market and the right audience.  Website Internet Marketing conducts a comprehensive keyword analysis to identify actual search queries specific to your markets.  By creating a solid foundation based on solid data, we build return and longevity into you site investment.

SEO Needs Analysis & Report

To get the most from your investment we thoroughly analyze your existing site and identify any areas that may impede proper search engine indexing.  This comprehensive report will address site architecture, page copy, load time, dynamic elements, redirects, domain issues, link popularity and more.  Once completed your Website Internet Marketing project manager will consult with you to explain the advantages/disadvantages of our recommendations and work with you and your webmaster through implementation.

Preferred Content

Search engine spiders and crawlers live on content but they thrive on properly optimized, relevant content.  We work with your current relevant content and build additional content to optimally appeal to the search engine spiders and that will provide a good user experience for site visitors.

Site Optimization

Unlike many SEO companies, Website Internet Marketing uses the Organic (hand) approach to Optimizing your website.  We treat each individual page as though it was its own site.  By understanding what words or terms people are searching with, we theme the pages i.e. Accommodation, Weddings, Meetings etc. with Keyword Rich content and optimize the 26 other areas of a page that the search engines are indexing to provide better rankings for your site. 

Methodical Submissions

Website Internet Marketing will carefully and systematically hand-submit your site to the major search engines and directories.  Over time, a number of individual URL’s (pages) within your site will be submitted to each search engine index and listed in the search results.  Our submission process is of the highest quality and will result in multiple keyword listings with the following engines and directories:  Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Fast, AOL, MSN, AskJeeves, Teoma, Wisenut, HotBot, Netscape, Inktomi, Yahoo, Open Directory (DMOZ) and others.

Paid Inclusion (not the same as pay-per-click)

Overture, Ask Jeeves, and Inktomi have “annual fee” programs for guaranteed inclusion (not ranking) into their databases and as does the Yahoo Directory have much the same program.  These engines and directories are responsible for providing primary and secondary results for Yahoo,,,,,, MSN, and Netscape (as of 5/2004).  Once included, the respective spider and crawlers will revisit the submitted pages every 48-72 hours and update their index with fresh content.  This allows Website Internet Marketing to actively manage and improve positions within these engines.

Link Popularity –Evaluation & Expansion

We understand the importance of link popularity in today’s search engine algorithms.  After careful research for opportunities within vertical directories and online trade resources have been determined, we construct an optimized description designed to boost relevancy, drive traffic and convert visitors.  Careful hand submission editors and monitoring of acceptance completes the process.  Additionally, we’ll evaluate links pointing to your sites and take steps to improve their relevancy.

Position Reporting & Competitor Monitoring

Updated monthly, your Website Internet Marketing project manager has the ability to monitor position changes for your keywords within the major search engines.  Position Reports track movement base upon your initial benchmark position for each keyword along with daily changes and indexed URL’s.  The Competitor Reporting module keeps an eye on the activity of up to 5 of your chosen competitors.  Our proprietary reporting system is the finest available and an integral part of maintaining consistency while determining strategic next steps.

Customer Service – It Does Matter

Communication is integral to an effective campaign and Website Internet Marketing’ customer service is second-to-none.  When you call Website Internet Marketing you will have the opportunity to talk directly with your project manager to discuss your campaign.

Areas to Stay Clear of

Amongst the numerous techniques used to improve search engine rankings, there are several “illegal” techniques that are designed to violate or trick search engines.  The use of these techniques (which include the use of link farms, spoofing, crawler redirects and others), run the very real risk of incurring a ranking penalty or be banned once discovered by a search engine.

 All of the techniques used by Website Internet Marketing are in compliance with accepted best-practices for promoting accurate, relevant content in the search results.  We never utilize techniques that may harm your presence on the Internet and we conduct our business under the highest ethical and professional standards.  We will never advocate “risky” methods to our clients, and will always adhere to proven techniques in compliance with search engine guidelines.

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